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A little love for Disqus

There are days when I feel like a Fred Wilson portfolio fan boy.  I am seriously high on Twitter (their vision of what’s to come, I think is impressive).  But I also love Disqus, the comment system I use on all my blogs.

Both of these technology companies do something that is both an obvious need and difficult to accomplish.  Simply put, that’s making the conversation more interesting.  One of Fred’s common themes in his blog is that the comments are much more interesting than the actual posts.  I don’t know that he gives himself enough credit, but the underlying point is accurate.  There is real value in the conversations that are going on on blogs, on tweets, and other places.

I really value technology that brings those conversations to new audiences, and allows for more conversations. Disqus just released a new version (which will be appearing here shortly).  Go check out Fred’s post, and the official Diqus post.
You can follow me on Twitter here.  My Disqus profile is here.

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    While I just started using Disqus, I do think it has it's place in commenting. I posted on other blog that, while Disqus works great, your Disqus comments are actually housed somewhere else. If there happened to be a problem with Disqus, those comments might go away. I prefer to have a blend of Disqus comments and traditional WP comments as the WP comments are housed under my WP install. I don't have to worry about those going away. Just my 2 cents worth.

  • http://www.web2voice.net khylek

    That's a common concern. I'm not really hung up on that, because I could lose the WordpRess comments to database issues or whatnot as well.

    I love Disqus since it makes conversation easier. Plus, now I have one place where people can go to to see everywhere I've commented. I can find new blogs by tracking where other interesting commenters participate.

  • http://www.thetvnet.com Kevin

    Disqus is easy to use, thanks for tips

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    I love disqus. They help bloggers like me a lot.

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    Disqus rocks !
    Great post .

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    disqus is very easy to use, i learn many thing when im using this to my blog commenting system

  • http://www.businessracket.com Racket

    I currently don't allow comments on my blog but I have thinking about changing the permissions to do allow. Would you recommend Disqus for comments hosting and what do you use to help combat spam?



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    easy to use and follow friend comment

  • http://pinayspeak.com/pinaytest/ BusbySeo

    Ces deux entreprises de technologie faire quelque chose qui est à la fois un besoin évident et difficile à accomplir. Tout simplement, c'est faire la conversation plus intéressante. Fred l'un des thèmes de la commune dans son blog, c'est que les commentaires sont beaucoup plus intéressants que les postes.

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    I've been thinking about adding Disqus to my blogs. I do agree that blog comments can definitely add to the conversation. In addition they help keep the blog page fresh. However, there are some downfall with blog comments such as spam. Especially the comments that make no sense or have any relevancy to the post.

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    I like disqus comment system too, so great plugin.

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    I like disqus but I am encountering some problems with my comments because they are missing.

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    can you comment in same language as the post?

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    Disqus rocks ! I love their commenting system …

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    I think Brad is right – its best to have a blend or Word Press and Disqus comments on a blog. I also like expression engine for building comments into websites.

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    so far discuss seem to be quite helpful in the sense that i do not to create so many account to post a comment.

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    you just gotta love disqus :-)

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    It is necessary to battle to a spam certainly, but from it where you will not get to. Put CAPTCHA and all will be as it should be…

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    I really like the interactivity that disqus adds to a site.

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    I think its a cool way to add blog comments and control them

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    I like the fact you can log in with your facebook account

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    I just switched from Commentluv to Disqus. I am feeling good as the latter is much easier to understand and to sue.

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    this Disqus commenting plugin is really cool. I like it. I would like to recommend everyone to use it

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    I think Disqus is going to be the next best thing in commenting. It's great at stopping spam !

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    you have to love this…thanks for the great information.

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    Discus is very nice but still i use blogspot and as far as i know they do not mach.

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    Thanks for the update, I'm really excited about the new version of diqus, its a one hell of a plug in, this plug in creates and build a lively community in our website.

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    It's the threading of comments that makes DisQus a winner for me…………………. : )

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    Yea, disqus is great and now they will provide video commenting.

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    DisQus is good to use ^^
    the trackback is better

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