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Enter Google Voice

Garrett Smith has, I think, the best take I've seen to date on the relaunching of Google Voice (read full post here).   From the post: Slowly but surely Google is piecing together all of the Continue Reading

Official: Ribbit acquired by BT for $105 mill

Saw the news first on Luca's blog (OFFICIAL: BT acquires Ribbit for 105 Million).  The press release can be found here. I discussed this previously here, mainly agreeing with Thomas Howe's take.  Continue Reading

Voice APIs and Revenue

Today was a slightly confusing. Phone Boy wrote a post on GigaOM about Voice APIs, asking "is there money in Voice APIs?" His premise: But is simply providing an API to your telephony Continue Reading

Ribbit acquired by British Telecom

Today, the news hit that Voice 2.0 platform player Ribbit is being bought out for $55 million by British Telecom.  Great work by the Ribbit team. Full disclosure: My employer is IfByPhone, which - Continue Reading

Why Voice 2.0 is tied to Social Media

epiphany (as defined by Dicitonary.com): a sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something, usually initiated by some simple, homely, or commonplace Continue Reading

The Internet is a series of Railroads

One of the upcoming issues in the forthcoming Obama\McCain presidential race will be Net Neutrality. The big ISPs want to find all different kinds of ways to profit (read restrict use) of the Continue Reading

Voice 2.0 and the long tail

There are two very good posts today from people at the forefront of Voice 2.0.  Alec Saunders (Jajah change is in the wind) talks intelligently on how carriers are finally taking notice that they Continue Reading

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