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Screen Pops for inbound calls using IfByPhone and Twitter

Image via CrunchBase, source unknown Being in sales, I'm on the phone all the time.  I'm calling people, people are calling me.  And because I talk to so many people all over the Continue Reading

Another Mashup using IfByPhone and Yelp!

I am living proof that writing mashups isn't as hard as you might think.  I am not a developer.  I do not specialize in voice mashups.  And yet, I can write a mashup that can combine three Continue Reading

Nominate IfByPhone for a Crunchie

The company I work for, IfByPhone is trying to get nominated for a Tech Cruch Cruncie award.  If you're familiar with us, I would seriously appreciate you giving us a nomination.  We've started to Continue Reading

Cross Post: A simple Phone Mashup with IfByPhone and Yelp

Over on the IfByPhone blog, I posted a note on a mashup one of our guys did with Yelp.  With about 30 minutes of effort, and 20 lines of code, we opened up the entirety of the Yelp review database Continue Reading

Web 2.0 Expo: NY 2008

I'm going to be sitting in a booth at Web 2.0 Expo, NY Wednesday and Thursday for IfByPhone.  If you are going to be around, stop by.  IfByPhone is announcing yet another application to go along Continue Reading

The Lazy Web makes Twitter more valuable

My favorite VC blogger, Fred Wilson has a post today "The Lazy and Smarter Web." He talks about how great social media is because you can ask almost any question, and get great answers.  I Continue Reading

Official: Ribbit acquired by BT for $105 mill

Saw the news first on Luca's blog (OFFICIAL: BT acquires Ribbit for 105 Million).  The press release can be found here. I discussed this previously here, mainly agreeing with Thomas Howe's take.  Continue Reading

IfByPhone’s Voice Broadcast iPhone Application

IfByPhone (my employer if you're new here) released it's Voice Broadcast application into the iTunes store.  It's pretty simple actually. You choose some contacts, record a message (IfByPhone Continue Reading

Voice APIs and Revenue

Today was a slightly confusing. Phone Boy wrote a post on GigaOM about Voice APIs, asking "is there money in Voice APIs?" His premise: But is simply providing an API to your telephony Continue Reading

Ribbit acquired by British Telecom

Today, the news hit that Voice 2.0 platform player Ribbit is being bought out for $55 million by British Telecom.  Great work by the Ribbit team. Full disclosure: My employer is IfByPhone, which - Continue Reading

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